Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Family Day Weekend!

Gosh – it’s been awhile. This past weekend was a great one. My parents had been away in Florida for about 3 or 4 weeks, and I hadn’t seen them since Boxing Day actually – so Rich and I decided we would go spend the weekend with them at my brother’s cottage. Since Saturday was Valentine’s Day, we started our morning with breakfast out, on our way up to the cottage. It was a nice bright sunny day.

We arrived at the cottage and saw my parents and we relaxed and talked and got caught up on their trip. They were driving so basically started in Deston, Florida (up on the panhandle) and made their way all the way south to the Keys! Lots of great video footage and pictures along the way and they had a really good time. I miss them a lot when I don’t see them for awhile.

The afternoon was a lazy one of reading and playing guitar and indulging in the big hot-tub on the deck! My brother and his wife came by too, and we all went out for a Valentine’s Dinner together at a restaurant not too far from the cottage. The wait was long, but the laughs were abundant, and the bottle of free wine (for our wait) helped too! I had a really great time and haven’t laughed like that in awhile. My brother is so funny, and my dad had us in stitches at one point talking about monkeys flying around in their kitchen…(long story….)

On the Sunday, it was my mom’s birthday! So we had breakfast together, and then relaxed some more before Rich and I headed home. My parents joined us for lunch though, before we departed, and off we went back to our home. Monday was “Family Day” – a new stat holiday – and so we enjoyed our day off just lounging around the house – watching a few movies – and enjoying our time together.

It felt really good to be with my family. I wished that my other brother and his family could have joined us on the Saturday, but they weren’t able to. They ended up visiting my parents on the Monday instead. So – we really did make the most of our Family Day weekend!

OH – and on another note - Today is also a Very Special Day! It’s my beautiful husband’s birthday! Thank you Robin & Bernadette for bringing Rich into the world!! It might be his birthday – but he is the BEST gift you could have given to me! Love you honey….hope you have a terrific day!! (does this mean I have to pay for dinner tonight?) ;) xo