Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Parents Are Funny.

Last night was my second dress fitting. I asked my mom to come with me because I want her to be part of this – so my dad brought her down (they live up north) and he decided to come with us too. My seamstress is a lovely little Portuguese woman (Grace) who is very gentle and easy going and gives brides her undivided attention. In fact – she only sees me after hours so that we’re not disturbed and she says that nobody is allowed to come to the dress fittings with me because, in her experience, people tend to give ‘too many opinions’ and it puts pressure on the bride to maybe not say what she really would like to have done with the dress. But because my parents were here from out of town, she said it was okay for them to come.

So, I told my parents that they’d have to sit there and not yell out their opinions cause Grace knows what she's doing. She’s been making and altering bridal gowns for over 35 years and she knows what looks good, what doesn’t – what will help, etc. Plus – my dad is a very honest man and he hadn’t seen my dress yet, so I was a little apprehensive in case he didn’t like it on me. So, my parents promised me that they’d “be good” and wouldn’t say a word and they would just sit and watch.

So we get there and they say their hello’s and mom and dad sit down (it’s one big room). I go into the change room to put my dress on and no sooner do I come out of the room and step onto the pedestal, does my mom hop out of her chair and runs over to the mirror to look at me and then my dad gets up and comes over too, and then my mom asks Grace if she's going to shorten the hem and my dad says “don’t cut the train” and then my mom says “she won’t cut it hun…she might shorten it – right Lise?” and then my dad says "are you wearing a crown"...and then my mom is like “it's not a crown hun - it's a veil" and then they banter back and forth about it cause my dad actually meant a head band not a crown or a veil and he pulls a sample one out from one of the cabinet displays and puts it on his head and says "like this I mean"….and meanwhile poor little Grace is standing there looking up at me cause she's 3 feet tall and I’m on the pedestal mouthing the words “I’m sorry” to her, and so I had to yell at my parents and tell them to "sit down and not speak".

So back they go to their chairs, and they pull them a little closer to where I was standing so they could see me better. Grace continues to pin and tuck and we discuss the neckline and the straps and I can see my dad fidgeting…and ‘lo and behold…he stands up and says “oh no...don't do's looks better like this….leave it like this…I like this"...and then mom jumps up and comes over and says "wait hun – what about this way” and I'm like "IT'S NOT DONE YET” and little Grace is just humming and pinning and trying to ignore them.

And then, nearing the end, when I put on the veil (which a very kind friend at work is lending me – thanks G!)…my parents lit up like the sun! I think I literally heard them "ooohh" and “aaahh". It was hilarious. They were like "wow – now you really look like a bride" "we LOVE the veil"..."use that veil!!".

So that was my night for about 45 minutes while my dress was adjusted. I love my parents more than anything, and was so glad they were there with me – but…they didn’t listen to the rules! I guess after years and years of me not listening – it was payback time!

Oh, and by the way, my dad loved my dress! (well….at least he told me he did – which is really all that matters). And he looked great in the crown! :)

Showers of Happiness

I don’t really think of myself as a princess, but you wouldn’t know that from the beautiful bridal shower my aunts and sisters-in-law put on for me this past weekend.

It was a surprise shower – the plan to get me there was that I was having a luncheon with my aunts and sisters-in-law and my mom. But who lunches at 3pm? And why is my sister-in-law’s mom in the van (she picked me up) - and what’s with all the gift bags? So I figured it out quite quickly, but I was still super-stoked to get there and start my fun afternoon!

In I walk to my Aunt’s house, and I was expecting a huge yell out of “SURPRISE” and I was practicing my ‘surprise face’ but when I walked in, nobody was there! The room was completely empty – I kid you not! I could hear everyone downstairs laughing and talking, etc. I guess nobody was looking out the window for me! It was kind of hilarious really!

I took a minute there by myself to look around me. The foyer of my aunt’s house was full of pink and white organza and tulle and ribbons and the banisters were covered the same and the lamps and chandeliers were all sparkling and dangling and covered with organza too…it was like a wonderland of sorts.

So downstairs I go…and then after standing there for a few minutes once people realized I’d arrived – I hear “Surprise!”….and the fun began. My chair was a huge puffy loveseat covered completely with organza and beads and jewels with white hearts dangling above it from the ceiling, and the 60 odd inch (HUGE) tv screen had an image of a beach on it with waves going back and forth and I felt like I was in a different world! It was really beautiful.

We played games, I got beautiful presents, and the food was delish! (thanks Auntie Lin!). My future mother-in-law and sister-in-law were there too, which meant a lot to me, and my awesome bridesmaids helped so much, and of course all of my family.

All of the decorations and gifts were beautiful and wonderful – but what meant the most to me was the people that were there to share in that day, and knowing that everyone is truly happy for Rich and I. That’s what counts and that’s what made the day so special. With all the planning that has been done over the past year, I have to admit that it’s kind of fun to sit back and enjoy these special events that are taking place now!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh What A Night!

Oh what a night is right! Saturday was my stagette and boy did we do 'er up right! My evening started with much anticipation, as I was due to be picked up around 5:30 pm to head to Shannon's condo downtown. As the time ticked away, it was closer to 8:00 when I finally arrived! But no sooner had I stepped inside, I was given a shot glass and a huge "cheers" from all the girls and the fun began!

All of a sudden I had a p*nis necklace draped around my neck, a p*nis drinking cup and of course, p*nis straws to make it all go down that much smoother! And I was crowned Miss Bachellorette with a sash and all!

There were about 15 of us I think, and we had a pre-bar party at the condo. Shots were had, laughs were abundant and the music was great thanks to a bachellorette mix made for me by the Tobemeister. (thanks Toby!) But something was up. Shannon turned to me and said "ok...for now you can do what you want...but at 8:30 I tell you what to do".

So of course - red flag - not sure what's going on, but I continue to drink and dance and be merry. Then I said I wanted to change my shirt, but apparently I was not allowed in the bedroom to do so. Right away I thought for SURE they had a stripper locked up in the bedroom just waiting to come out! I threatened to jump off the balcony (of the 33rd floor) 'cause i told the girls 'no strippers' - just not my thing!

So 'lo and behold - I'm told to sit in the chair and I'm anxiously waiting, and then out of the room come bags of presents!! my bridesmaids and friends had a surprise shower for me! It was amazing because I found out about my family showers that are coming up, but I had no idea the girls were doing this for me. It was really amazing and a total shock! I was finally surprised! So good job ladies!

But of course, no bachellorette party is complete without a trip out to a club for some good old dancing! Off we went to Devil's Martini - an older club in Toronto, but it was renovated not too long ago. Apparently it's pretty well known for it's stagettes too! So off we all went and we were on guest list so we got right in.

Before I could turn around, I had drinks in my hand and shots being poured down my throat and the boogie-woogie night had begun! (And note to self - you are not 19 anymore so the "go down low" dance is why you can't walk today). I must say... Yaggemeisters (spelling?), mixed with Goldschlagger, mixed with Apple Sours really don't go well together - but at the time I didn't really care!! If you put a shot in front of me, I was doing it!

But boy oh boy - the next morning I sure paid for it! Not a pretty sight and I'll spare you the details. But I had a fabulous night - we danced and drank and sang and laughed. I was pretty sloshed! But that's the point right? It was my stagette and my night to party with my girls. Here are just a few pics from the condo. I don't have any from the bar yet, but once I'll get I'll post those too. So thank you everyone for a great night! I won't forget it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Stagette!!

My stagette is this Saturday!! I am told there are about 15 or so girls coming - we're heading to my bridesmaid's condo for pre-drinks and eats - then out to a club in the T. Dot -- I will let you know how it goes! I hope they don't make me wear a veil with penises on it. Could happen.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It’s getting closer…

Yesterday marked 2 months until the wedding! Everything is great and things are running smoothly (I’m knocking on my head as I write that). The only (somewhat impt.) outstanding things we have to do is get our marriage license and our wedding bands (which are being made for us).

We have lots of things coming up in the next few weeks: my first dress fitting, meeting with our officiant, our menu tasting, my hair and make-up trial, my stagette (yee-haw!), rich’s stag (won't be as fun as mine) ;) Fun things that we are looking forward to.

The RSVPs are coming in much slower than I anticipated. I think because I sent ‘save-the-date’ cards, I assumed people would already know whether or not they’d be attending. We still have time to get our numbers in, so it’s okay, I’m just a bit surprised that’s all. As I write this, I think we have back about 35 of the 90 invitations that were sent out.

The weather is warming up, the sun is shining more, and I am feeling more excited each day. Not really nervous yet. I’m more just wondering how I will feel waking up on my wedding day, knowing that one of my biggest dreams is about to come true! I can't seem to grasp how that will feel. It's a pretty powerful thing and I just want to take every moment of the day in as much as I can.

The past 11 months that I’ve been engaged has been a wonderful experience and one I will never forget. Lots of people hire wedding planners, but for me, I’ve truly enjoyed doing this on my own (with help from family and friends of course) and I feel like it’s really “my” wedding and it will be all I imagined it to be. I think I will just appreciate everything so much more in the end.

I realize that not everything always goes as planned, but as long as Rich and I say “I do” – that’s all that really matters in the end. (well, that and that nobody is late and the sun is shining, and my hair looks good and the music rocks and the food is great and it doesn’t rain and ……………)

P.S - Our boy Jackson has helped too - with our table numbers...what do you think?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

sorry it's been awhile...

Hey all...pardon my lack of electronic communication. Truth is, when I work on a computer all day, it's hard to go home and turn one on!

So - Spring looks like it just might be here! This weekend is supposed to be a great one! Rich and I are off to do some shopping at the outlet malls in niagara falls USA. Not looking for anything specific...just browsing...but i'm sure we'll come home with a couple of things.

176 people have been invited to the wedding. As of tonight, we have 74 Yes's! A couple party poopers, and the rest, we are anxiously awaiting their reply.

Rich's stag has been planned, as well as my stagette (whoo hooo!) and things are falling into place. i'm scheduled for my first dress fitting in a couple weeks. and the bridesmaid dresses are in - they just need to be altered (shortened) and that's that!

Its really late and i have to go to sleep, but just a quick hello to say i'm still here and I will check back in a day or two with a better, more fullsome post.