Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaack.....New and Improved!!

Well... I am now a Mrs. and couldn't be happier! I can truly say that my wedding day was the most wonderful experience I've ever had and it was absolutely PERFECT and all I imagined it to be! The weather pulled through for us and I had a hot sunny day for our outdoor ceremony and pictures.

The day was magical and I made sure that I took it all in and treasured every.single.moment. I feel so blessed to have had such an amazing experience. Our honeymoon was beyond our expectations too. Two glorious weeks in the south of France in the Riviera. Stayed in Nice and had a top floor room with a terrace facing the Mediterranean Sea - just unbelievable. The weather was beautiful and sunny everyday and we drank wine and ate like royalty and it was more than we could ever ask for.

I've posted a link below to some pics taken by family. Our photographer we hired is literally world-renowned, so once we get his professional pics, I will post some of those, because I'm sure they will be amazing!

Thanks to all of you for your help and support along the way - I had a beautiful magical wedding day and am sooooooo happy with my new gorgeous fabulous husband and look forward so much to our lives together as husband and wife!

I'm hoping this link will work to take you to the pictures I posted on the bridal forum I belong to.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Catch up and a Wrap Up!

We’ve been really busy over the past few weeks. We attended another wedding a couple weeks back, which was lovely and held in gorgeous botanical gardens. The day after that we were lucky enough to have another wedding shower hosted by Rich’s family. This one was co-ed and it was great because “the guys” were able to hang out with us and we had a BBQ with fabulous food! Lots of people came out for it and Rich got to open some gifts and we just had a really great time. The atmosphere was so relaxed and the weather was gorgeous! So thank you to Christine, Bernadette, Robin and Claire for doing that for us. It meant a lot!

We also had a 50th anniversary party and 50’s dance with a real rock ‘n’ roll band playing to honour my sister-in-laws parents. They are a great couple and we were happy to be there to celebrate with them. Rich and I both dressed up in our best ‘50s attire – him in jeans rolled up with white socks, black shoes, and of course a tight white t-shirt! Me in my polka dots and flats and scarf around the neck with a big old ponytail – we looked great and had SO much fun “twisting the night away”.

The day after the 50’s party was the 25th anniversary of the Logan/Xavier/De Abreu inter-provincial Golf Tournament!! (i.e. – Rich’s family’s tourney). I am sad to say I did not three-peat this year! I did not bring home the trophy. But….I still had a lot of fun and didn’t play too bad of a game and enjoyed celebrating with everyone afterwards back at the cottage for a BBQ and awards ceremony! (it’s very professionally done!).

This is my last day at work as a single girl!! I am off tomorrow and Friday and then Saturday is our wedding. Gosh…I honestly am baffled by how fast the last few months swept by. I am excited and anxious and nervous and happy and eager and joyful and happy and thrilled and feeling so many different emotions right now that it’s probably good I’m at work and am busy (relatively speaking) so that I can stay sane! lol…

But tomorrow is packed with a manicure and a massage. I pick up my dress and veil (which is being steamed), will try to get my engagement ring polished up and then it’s our Rehearsal and Dinner tomorrow night too. Excited about that! Then Friday my girls and I are getting our pedicures, then going for lunch, then off to the venue to take all the “stuff” there so it can be set up and ready for Saturday. Hoping for nice relaxing and quiet evening on Friday night at my house. (although…I do still have to pack for the honeymoon!)

So! This is it - I’m off to get married! Next time I post I will be a “Mrs.”! Whoo Hoo!