Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Bad

Okay – so I realize I rarely blog anymore – so many networks – so little time….but let’s see – I can update on a few things!

Phase one of the kitchen reno is done! The wall is down – the soffet is up and the cat doesn’t know what is going on. Phase two will begin in the next month or so (the good stuff – cabinets, counters, etc.) We purchased all of our appliances – they’re coming soon! So hopefully by the end of July the new kitchen will be complete!

My friend Shannon was married on May 2nd and I was one of her bridesmaids – it was a lovely day and the wedding went off without a hitch – except for the fact that my dear husband was so sick with the flu that he couldn’t attend. He did come for the ceremony – but he felt so awful that he had to go home immediately after. My parents were there too though, and we danced and drank and had a good time.

Speaking of weddings – our first anniversary is this weekend! What an amazing year it has been. Our wedding combined with a lot of traveling – it was the best! Looking back at all the places we got to visit this past year – I have to often pinch myself. The French Riviera, Florence and Tuscany, Venice, Rome, Cuba, Mexico, and Arizona too! All of that in one year! Thank god for generous wedding gifts and Aeroplan points!

To top of the year, we are headed to New York City in a few weeks to celebrate our amazing first year of marriage! Love you so much my beautiful husband! Here’s to us! xo