Monday, January 17, 2011


I don’t think I can put into words, the experience I had on my 1-week yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico. There is too much information that would leave me writing all day, so I will just sum up to say that the beauty of our land is something to be grateful for each and every day. The white powdery sand; the turquoise waters; the green palms; so magical.

Tulum is a place of purity, freedom and bliss. Everyone there is happy. Everyone is appreciative of every sunrise. Everyone is loving of all creatures. Yoga, delicious food, sunny days, meditation under the stars, 9 other amazing women to share all this with – it was truly a trip of a lifetime and I learned so much.

I will take my yoga practice further. I will meditate as often as I can. I will set intentions each day. I will be kind. I will be grateful. I will be in the present moment. I still have a smile on my face and as I like to say “am still in my yoga bubble”. I hope I can stay here whenever things get stressful or times get tough. It’s a pretty amazing place to be.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Yoga - Here I Come

WOW!!! It’s been awhile!

I’ve been keeping in touch with family and friends over Facebook and it seems that my blog has taken a back seat. But I wanted to do a post because I am embarking on an amazing trip this Saturday – one that I think will change me for the better and only help to make me a better person.

I am heading to the beautiful white beaches of sunny Tulum, Mexico. An eco-friendly Yoga Resort, by the name of “Shambala Petit” (below). This trip is all about inner peace, harmony and union of the mind, body and spirit.

I’ve been doing yoga for the past year or so, and while it’s still new to me – I love how it makes me feel in my body and my mind. It really puts you in touch with your own inner conscience, and quiets the mind so you can “see” what really matters in life.

I’m spending a week with 8 other women. We each have our own casita on the beach. There is morning and evening yoga (2 yoga classes every day), with free time in between to do whatever you please. There is also massage workshops and some body-sculpting classes as well. A vegetarian diet is served to us, and there are a few “fun” nights out and day excursions (snorkeling!) planned for everyone too.

I am bringing my journal and I will be meditating and enjoying the sounds of the gentle waves while sitting on the candle-lit beach at night with the other girls and sharing our thoughts and being one with the universe. I can’t wait. I will miss my hubby like crazy, but this will be a wonderful adventure for me, and I am so ready to soak it all in.