Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Did everyone have a good Christmas and holiday? I sure did! Lots of fun, laughs, good eats (too much!) and drinks! Spent a lot of time with family and aside from a bit of driving - most of it was pretty relaxing. Have to say though....i'm kind of glad it's over and there's no pressure to do anything for awhile now. Santa was good to me...have some shiny new jewellery (no goalie pads - thank goodness!), a beautiful world globe on a wooden pedestal, perfume, clothes (from MEC too! love that store!) and a variety of gift cards that will be well used!

I have to say that 2006 was probably one of the best years I've had. In one year, I went to Florida, New York City, London England, Paris, Nice, Monaco, Provence....places I only dreamed of going. I developed new friendships at work, which is hugely important in the environment we work in, and can come into my job knowing I'm going to have some laughs and share a story or two. I moved in with my boyfriend and we've made his house a home and we're having so much fun together. I was the golf champion at his annual family golf tournament which has been occuring every year for the past 25+ years! But the most important thing is that my family is together and healthy and we have new adventures for 2007 already planned. Sometimes I have to pinch myself!

With Christmas and all the hooplah - a lot of focus is put on the gifts and people get so busy that the fact that it's also a time to spend with loved ones is sometimes lost in the shuffle. So even though I received some wonderful presents, the thing I'm most grateful for are the wonderful people in my life - my family, Rich, my friends...Spending time with my grandmother the past few days was awesome - she's going to be 90 in March and I don't get to see her often. Those are the best gifts!

Wow - who knew I was so mature!? Hope you were able to be with family and friends too! I will talk to you in the new year!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The joys and oy's of Christmas

I am Done! Donzo! Finito. Completo! Ne Plus Pas! My Christmas shopping that is. And it feels sooooooo good. My stresses seem to be easing up and now I'm in the celebratory frame of mind. Went to a couple of parties on the weekend. Saw lots of friends and family and had lots of 'good cheer' ('hic...) All that's left to do is bake some cookies for a cookie exchange I'm having at work with my BFAWs and then it's smooth sailing till good 'ol saint nick comes by, because as i'm sure you're all aware, I have been a VERY good girl this year!

On the topics of gifts, I'm a tad nervous 'cause Rich asked me last night if I would like a set of goalie pads so he could take shots on me in the driveway. He followed that up with "it will be our special time together". But that leads me to my next point which I hope will shed some light to some of my dear friends who just don't know me as well as they think they might.

As it's time for gift-giving and receiving, a few of my friends have asked "what do you think Rich will get you". In most cases - this is a normal question right? Thing is though...when it's asked of me, what they're really trying to say is "do you think he's getting you a ring for xmas?" I know this because the question has that "tone" and is usually followed by a *wink wink*. So, I'm taking this time to shed some light on the do's and dont's of Christmas Questions.

1. DON'T ask me (either directly or in a round-about way) if I think Rich will get me a ring.

2. For Birthdays, Valentine's Day, New Years Eve, Easter or any other 'occasion' - refer to # 1 above.

3. DO think about the after-effect of that question: "no - i didn't get a ring. guess he hates me. I'm a big loser".

4. DO know that i know you mean no harm, and I still love you.

When that day comes my friends - you will all know it. I will shout it from the rooftops! but right now - the only thing that will be coming from the rooftops are the sounds of reindeer paws....and of course, that's only if you've been good like lil 'ol' me! Have a very merry Christmas and don't let your egg nog! ha. I kill me.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My 'Rents Rock

Me luvs my mom and dad. You know how people say "I have the best parents in the world"? well...they're all liars because "I" have the best parents in the world! I gave a shout out to my friends the other day - so I thought it only fitting to do a brief mention of my mom and dad. They rock. They're awesome. Happily married for 46 years (and counting) and still madly in love and have tons of fun together. They're so young at heart and fit and enthusiastic, that I can hardly keep up with them.

I have two older brothers (who are amazing too and I will blog about them another time!) who would say the same thing. I have too many memories to write about on here - so I will just say that mom and dad - you provided me with the best possible childhood I could think of - you treated me with dignity and respect as I was growing up and in my teenage years - you guided me in the right direction and helped me with tough decisions and you always always stood by me no matter what I chose to do. And look...I turned out pretty good right?? (RIGHT!?) Well - I think so. So here's to you. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for the love and kindness and strength and structure you provided me. love you mom and dad!

(there....that should secure me a great xmas gift this year!). ;)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

" many of us have them....Friends.......ones we can depend on....let's be friends"....(do you remember that song!?)

I have friends. All different kinds. Some close by, some far away, some old, some new, some funny, some serious - but they are all my friends and all bring something different to my life. As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves taking that extra initiative to hook up with our pals that we might not see on a regular basis - or throw in that phone call that's long overdue, etc.

Saturday night, I had a 'christmas get-together' with my two closest friends in the world. They are sisters and we grew up together. We lived 3 houses apart from each other on the same street since we were toddlers and until we all left home as young adults (or older adults - as in my case - heh). Both of our parents still live in those same houses - 3 doors apart - and they are just as close as we girls are. Even though we don't really live that far apart from one another, we don't often have the chance to get together. Both of them have children, so it's harder to find the time on thier end. But when we do - it feels soooo good to sit down and talk and laugh and reminisce about old childhood memories and the fun we used to have - and also about the new things going on in our lives now. When I think of these two girls - I think of the true meaning of friendship. I know that no matter what I tell them, I won't be judged. And no matter what they share with me - they are not judged. If I'm up, down, sideways (which tends to happen time to time) - I know I can go to them for sound advice, or just an ear and that they will always lift me up when I'm down. It really feels good inside to know that these girls will forever be my best friends. They have been for the past 30 some odd years...and will continue to be. There are many things in my life I have yet to experience, and I'm so happy that they will be able to experience those things with me. So....Sarah and Sam....this one's for you. Love ya's.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who's messin' up my mornin'....

You know...for the most part I'm a pretty happy person. I generally get up in a good mood - and start my day in a good mood - and don't have many reasons to be stressed out. But of course there is the odd time little miss sunshine isn't so sunny. This morning Rich and I drove into work (we usually commute by train). We work in a busy, hectic city - lots of people, lots of traffic and lots of yahoos on the roads. Rich is a pretty calm, easy going guy....but get him on the road with idiot drivers and he's a different person. I understand this. I do. I don't like it. But I understand it. That is why I don't drive in the city and also why I don't drive on the major highways where there is heavy traffic flow. I just don't need the stress.

So this morning as we're driving in the car, listening to our favourite morning show on the radio - i'm smilin' and humming along - thinking about my day ahead - trying to ignore that every five minutes someone is either cutting us off, crossing the wrong way, stopping for a streetcar, turning on a "do not turn", etc. etc. In the meantime, my darling boyfriend is *calmly* calling them names and waving his fists...but I continue to hum and smile and look out my window at the passers-by. This continued for about 30 minutes. I'm thinking to myself that I just can't wait to be out of this car and in my building away from the craziness.

Then...on go the brakes - full stop. Some A-Hole literally cuts right in front of us with not even an inch to spare and then slams on his brakes! Thankfully Rich was paying attention and swerved around him - but man-o-man.....I had HAD it! No more humming , no more smiling, I was pissed! I turned and said to Rich - "That's IT! I'm never driving into the city again! Forget it! This sucks! I can NOT start my mornings this way!". And he turned to me and said in a calm and loving voice "but poopy...(my nickname - long story..) we have to drive in tomorrow too." I grabbed his hand - gave it a kiss and said to him "you're on your own pal". And then, as we passed by A-Hole, we honked and gave him the finger (mature i know....) and sped away. That was the only fun part of the drive!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Sunny South, Chicago and Shoes....

Yesssssss! Our trip to Me-hi-co is booked! We don't leave till beginning of March - but thank god i have something to look forward to during the hellish cold of winter we Canadians are so lucky to have. It's funny - i'm already thinking about what to wear/pack, etc. I'm a nerd.

Went to see Chicago last night. The musical - not the city. heh. In a word - fantastic! I was surprised by all the 'youngish' girls in the audience...but then I realized why. The male lead ("Billy Flynn" - Richard Gere's role in the movie) was played by none other than Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys! He actually did a really really good job. I highly recommend you go see it if you like musicals. High energy and great performances.

You know how everything old is new again? Well...what's your feel on the "ballet-slipper" shoes that are out now? When I was shopping in Niagara last weekend - I was *this* close" to buying a pair of Steve Madden ones - black patent leather - but of course...I procrastinated and didn't. And now - that's all I can think about! So yesterday I went and bought a different kind - not patent - but still sort of the ballet-style. Sometimes I look at my feet and think "cute!". Other times I look and think "granny!". Actually - the travel agent who booked our trip told me she is going shopping to the exact same outlet mall this weekend in Niagara, NY - I've never seen the girl before I booked the trip with her - but I'm considering giving her a call and asking her to pick up the Steve Maddens for me.

Anyway - looking forward to dinner out with some of my BFAWs tomorrow and then a nice weekend of nothing! Sometimes there's nothing like 'chillin' like a villain'.
Later Taters

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I have the best boyfriend in the world....

I had such an amazing weekend. On Friday, Rich and I took off work, and headed to Niagara Falls. Our plan was to spend most of our time relaxing, going for walks, and doing a winery tour or two, hitting the casino for a little while, then heading home. It was just a 'quick getaway' for us.

Well, we arrived to our hotel - valet service promptly greeted us, took our bags and parked our car. In we went to check-in; easy peasy; get to our room - and wow! what a view - 27th floor with a huge window spanning the wall which looked out onto the Falls....both the Canadian and American ones - and they were all lit up at night all different colours - it was gorgeous. Also - we had a jacuzzi that overlooked the falls too....(i know what you're thinking - but it wasn't a heart-shaped or anything...not cheesy at all...quite fun actually! ;)

Anyway....we were totally happy with the view and the room, but we had places to go! Things to buy! People to see! Well...we didn't actually have to see any people - so strike that last part. So, I turned to Rich and said 'so...what do we do first?' - and this is why he's the best boyfriend in the world....he said "Do you want to go shopping at the Outlet Mall across the border?" Like Hello......for real? (and No! he's not gay...not that there'd be anything wrong with that...well - there would if he was my boyfriend - which he is - but No! he's not gay). My baby just happens to enjoy shopping! LOVE HIM! off we go (luckily he packed our passports - so no problems) and after BAD directions from our hotel - we finally made it to the Prime Outlet Mall in New York (it was actually only about 20 minutes away if you knew where you were going). I was in heaven. Heaven! Every store I would want to be there was there. Coach, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Tommy, Nike, Guess, i can't even remember them all - but boy, was it great!

So after spending a lot of money we had worked up an appetite, so back we went to our hotel. Where for dinner? Where else - the Casino Buffet! Hell ya...that's all i can say. I managed to stick to my eating plan (i'm still watching those bad carbs!) and didn't have any sugar/dessert, etc. but wow - did it ever look good!! It was a great dinner. We played some blackjack and some slots - I lost about 10 bucks - then a quick walk after dinner and to our delight - fireworks were being set off over the falls - it was beautiful! The weather was cool - but no rain - so it was great. Saturday a.m. - we had buffet breakfast at T.G.I.Fridays - which was located in our hotel - and was FREE! so good! and then packed up and headed to Niagara-on-the-Lake for a wine tour and tasting at the Inniskillen Winery. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I bought a few bottles of the Late Harvest Reisling and can't wait to crack those baby's open.

Anyway - that was my great weekend. Now I'm back home and back to reality and thinking about what to make for dinner. Rich is outside raking leaves so i'm going to make him something really nice cause he deserves it! I wonder if he likes peanut butter on his toast..... ;)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i'm still here.....

sorry haven't blogged for a bit....can't do it during the day, and lately have had some busy nights....working late, visiting family, buying furniture, putting together furniture, rearranging furniture, being know how it is.

So - just briefly....what's new? um...oh - well - we bought a fireplace! it's very cute - white - looks great in the living room - very cozy. We just sit on the couch now and stare at it. It's funny. I'm going to Niagara this weekend - both the Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake - going to chill out, take in some wineries, see the sites, got a great room overlooking the Falls with hot-tub - yee haw!! Going to see Chicago (the musical) next week...then going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra the following week with my brudda! - supposed to be an amazing show. Starting to think about our vacay down south in Feb...leaning towards Puerto Vallarta....but that's about all that's new for now!

The invitations for Festive get-togethers are starting to come - family ones, friend ones, work ones, etc. Haven't even thought of buying gifts yet!

Hope you're all getting in the holiday spirit! And oh ya...I'm totally going to join the shazzizle. (my devoted readers will know what i'm talking about). Anyway - sorry for the short post - but will try to make it up to you later.

Peace/Out/Word to your Motha

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bells & Whistles, or Nuts & Bolts?

So, on Tuesday I went to the complex on a guest pass and did a fitness class. It was called "stretch and tone" and the instructor was "Emily!". "Emily!" is just a little spit-fire of a thing. She looks about 17, is very tiny and is full of piss and vinegar. Even her name has energy..say it with me..."Emily!" - she was great.

At first I had my doubts as I walked into class - it's not the poshyist place on earth. But in the same respect, people are just there to workout. Nobody cares what kind of shoes you have on; how good your hair looks; if your mascara is sweat-proof or not - they don't really look at you at all. The class was great - a mix of cardio and weights and stretching and toning - I worked up a good sweat and really enjoyed it.

Tonight I'm going back (have one guest pass left) to try the "Much more than Dance!" class. description: "Dance, get fit and have fun! Each week learn a new style of dance. From jazz to hip-hop to Latin and more! Add in some muscle-toning and you've got a fabulous, energy-filled hour!" Sounds fun yes!? I'll give it a go. Oh, and guess who's teaching? "Emily!"

Here's my dilemma. This complex has everything I need - weights, cardio equipment, aerobics, yoga, swimming, aquafit, whirlpool, sauna, a spa, massage studio, and is only a five minute drive from my house.'s really 'plain jane'. No fancy neon lights, no shag carpet in the lobby, no mirrors in aerobic shazzam you know?...more like just a shazzizle. Then there are places like Extreme Fitness (for example) which is more poshy - offers all the same equipment/classes, is only a little farther away and is priced comparably. It has the 'shazzam!'

What to do, what to do? I kind of like the laidback, low-key atmosphere of the complex, but sometimes I also like the froo-froo too. It makes you feel kind of fancy; music is usually upbeat; bright lights big city feel. But, I've done the froo-froo before and often felt like I was in a fashion show and couldn't go workout till my hair was perfect and my nike pants matched my nike top. And god forbid you leave the gym without a total makeover after your workout.

Not sure I want to be bothered with that when all I really want to do is run in with my gymbag, throw my hair up, work up a good sweat, and get outtie. Hmmm...maybe I just answered my own question. What do you think? When it comes to choosing a you go for the Shazzam or the Shazzizle?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Holiday stress.....I mean fun.

Christmas is a comin' and the goose is gettin' fat...
please put a penny in the old man's hat...
if you haven't got a penny, then a hay-penny will do...
if you haven't got a hay penny, then god bless you.

...and for all my friends who aren't 100 - a hay penny is half a penny and that's a song that my mom and I would sing for no apparent reason - mainly cause it had an easy tune I could play on the guitar.

but it got me to thinking...that christmas is definatley coming! I know because of the difficulty of planning when and where to see everyone. It's starting already. My friends at work and I had a hell of a time just finding a night for the four of us to go out for dinner. Also - with my family, we have to start early for our xmas plans, as there are the "in-law" families to co-ordinate as brothers' wives need to work around their families too, and aunts and uncles always come for dinner. Throw in my boyfriend's family and there ya have it - just a touch of stress. who's house christmas eve? Who's house christmas day? who's house boxing day? and so on... won't take away from the excitement I seem to feeling more and more each day. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I'm really looking forward to this holiday season. Has nothing to do with gifts at all - just the thought of getting a tree, and decorating the house and playing christmas music and drinking hot chocolate, and seeing friends and family, etc. I think I might get a menora this year too - and celebrate Hannukah as well. I'm totally into it this year. It's just that little bit of anxiety that comes up when I think about making everyone happy with the schedules - cause i'm a people pleaser you know...I want it all to always work out the best it can for I try to plan ahead.

but...if planning ahead is supposed to ease my stress...why does it seem to cause me more? I think this year I should just let everyone else figure things out and I'll just show up where and when I'm supposed to. As long as I have one full day with my family, I'll be happy. (ok...maybe two) ;)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Who Dat??

Hi! Happy Friday! I'm much happier today because the sun is shining, and it's almost the weekend and I'm getting a Mehndi tattoo today!

I have to say, I've impressed myself thus far with my blogging. I really thought I would have given it up by now. (i know it's only been about a week, but you know, I warned you about the whole discipline thing). And although I have been writing almost daily, I'm sure it will slow down at some point. But one thing I'd like to say, is that I love love love when I get "comments" on my blog. It makes me feel like someone out there is getting something out of this too! Like I'm adding a little 'sumpin sumpin' to go with their morning coffee, ya know? But...what drives me crazy is when the comments are left "anonymously" - with no name!! I know that's the whole point - the person wants to be anonymous...but...I don't like it. It's creepy. It's like someone knows me, calls me "leece" - which must mean you're a close friend or family, yet won't include their name... what up wit dat homes? Like the first comment on my post from yesterday...WHO DAT?!!?

So, a little favour I do ask - if you want me to know it's you, kindly type your name after you comment - you can still post "anonymously" - but just leave me a clue maybe! Yes, that will be will be a new game I will play. "Guess the Commenter". Having said that, if you don't want me to know it's you...keep up the good work! ;)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I can't believe these winter blahs! and it's not even winter yet!

I don't know about you, but man...the darkness is already getting me down. As autumn approaches and the daylight hours start to shorten, I can slowly feel my moods and energy levels change, and even though the days may still be sunny, and the colours are beautiful with the leaves changing, start to get 'that feeling in the air' that winter is just around the corner. My commute home from work is about 40 minutes in total - that's with the train ride, getting out of the parking lot, fighting traffic, etc. etc. Once late October arrives, I'm getting home in he dark, as I'm sure many of you are.

In the spring and summer, it's great - it seems like there's hours left in the day to go shopping, hang out with friends, take in a movie, walk along the waterfront name it ....lots and lots to do. However, this time of year, I am perfectly content with getting home from work, putting on my comfy cozies and hopping into bed. But who wants to do that every night? it's not healthy... for the mind, or the body.

A few years ago I learned to downhill ski, for the sole purpose of having something to do during the winter nights. But...things in my life have changed over the last few years (for the better!) and it left me without any peeps to hit the slopes with! I'm not much into skiing alone.

So, I decided to take a look at our community recreation complex - it has a great reputation, offers everything from swimming to weight training, cardio equipment, aerobics, yoga, squash, tennis. spa, etc. - you name it - they got it. I do the treadmill thing at home a few days a week, but I wanted something "new"; something to get me out of the house once in awhile. My plan was to come home from work tonight, have dinner, and go check the place out. I was excited about it all day actually....even during dinner, I knew when I was done, I was going to change my clothes and head out. The rec centre is only a five minute drive from my house (if that...) - it's very close!

So, I finished dinner, helped the BF clean up a bit - he looked at me and said "ok...wanna head over now"....and what did I say?...."'m tired and want to get my comfy cozies on and stay in k?!". Whaaa Haaapppen? what is my problem? Do any of you go thru' the same thing? The darkness totally plays with my mind. So, if any of you are wondering what to get me for christmas - i'll take one of those fancy lights that emulate the sun. I thought about asking Santa, but apparently he's on sick-leave due to Seasonal Affective Disorder. ;)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Not much to talk about today...other than Betty Botter of course.

My friends at work (my BFAWs that is) want to do a Christmas Cookie Exchange - which means I have to bake - which means I have to find a recipe, which got me to thinking about batter, which led me to recite the following poem...enjoy!

Betty Botter bought some butter, but she said "this butter's bitter! If I put it in my batter, it will make my batter bitter! But a bit of better butter, not a bit of bitter butter, that will make my batter better yet!" So, she bought a bit of butter, better than her bitter butter, and she put it in her batter and her batter was not bitter. So, for Betty Botter's batter, not the bitter butter batter, it was best brand better butter she could get!

Wow! say that five times fast. Have a great Wednesday! and don't forget ANTM on tonight!! (oh...and Laural - did you hear! Jay Manuel is going to be the new host of CNTM! Better than that Tricia chick - she sucked arse!)

Later Taters.

Monday, October 30, 2006

"The Uglies"

Do you ever get the uglies? If you're female, you know what I'm talking about. The uglies can hit when you least expect it. They sneak up on you like a bad pimple! You get to work and you feel great - you're stylin' - feeling good, a confident, sophisticated momma...but then...afternoon hits, you go to the ladies' room to check your fine self out - and...aghast!! see....the UGLIES have hit!

How does this happen? How do you go from a vision of beauty at 7am to a frizzy-haired, blotchy-skinned, bloated, red-eyed "ugly" by 3pm? Could it be the circulated office air? or what you ate at lunch? or how stressful your day has been? Perhaps, but I personally think there is an ugly-monster who comes out and secretly sprinkles ugly-dust on me.

A good friend of mine and I had an idea. We thought that we would make some extra money on our lunch hours by setting up a "Beat the Uglies Booth". We would go to the lobby of our office building with our supplies - foundation, powder, lipstick, hairspray, perfume, etc. Women could come by on their lunch hour, walk thru' our booth, sort of like an assembly line - and get touched up, sprayed and straightened out, and then continue on their way. The whole process would only take a couple of minutes and voila! no more uglies! We thought it was a brilliant idea!

Unfortunately the security guards at our office building did not.

So, for now I will just accept the fact that the uglies may get me now and then and I will have to rely on my inner beauty to shine through. know...maybe the Uglies aren't all bad...Halloween is just around the corner after all. We could save money on a pumpkin and just put my head in the window!

Friday, October 27, 2006


"Vacation...All I ever wanted...Vacation...Had to get away...Vacation...Meant to be spent alone" - a little Go-Go's action to get you groovin'. But really...are vacations meant to be spent alone? Some say yes; some say no. I just had a fabulous trip of a lifetime in September. For 25 days I lived the life of luxury. 4 days in London, England, then off to France for the remaining three weeks. Let me tell you...had I been there alone, I would have seen bupkiss, but thanks to my wonderful tour guide (aka 'the boyfriend' - hereinafter referred to as the "BF" - can you tell i'm in the legal field?) I saw everything my little (big) heart desired. This post is not to get into the details of our trip - my friends and family have already been tortured with our 3 hours of video and 542 digital pics. No - the point of this is to contemplate - are vacations better taken with someone, or on your own?

A lot of people travel by themselves - some by choice - some due to circumstance. I have never travelled alone. I think I would be a little scared, and a little lonely. But..there are those who love the freedom of not being on anyone else's schedule - seeing exactly what you want, when you want, etc. You want to eat at that restaurant? go for it! You want to go to that museum? knock yourself out! You want to sit on a beach all day and read your book and not go anywhere? Fabulous! When you travel alone - you are free. Free to come and go and do and see whatever you like. But.....with all these wonderful things you are doing and seeing - is it not more fun to share it with someone? I think so. I loved my vacation with the BF. Even though there were times when I'm sure he wished he was travelling alone (due to my groans of "my feet hurt" / "i'm getting car sick" / "i don't want to eat there" / "do you really know what subway line to take?", etc.), I didn't feel that way once. I loved every minute of every day sharing these new experiences with him. My eyes were the size of golfballs when I saw the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and endless acres of vineyards, etc. I was seeing all these places that I'd ever only read about, and I was so happy to be there with him. Once home, I asked him "did you like travelling with me or do you prefer to travel alone?" His response was...

Actually - do I really have to tell you? We're still together aren't we? ;)

So what about you my friends? what do you prefer? Flying Solo or The More the Merrier?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"And Stuff....."

So, you know how some people have their own little sayings, or phrases that they tend to use - usually at the end of their sentences. Well, I've been known to finish off the odd time with the ever fabulous encapsulating term of "and stuff". I never thought of this being abnormal or slang in any way - it was just a way of saying, 'you know...there's more to it...but don't want to list every little detail' - so the 'and stuff' kind of covers that yes? Apparently no - It's been brought to my attention by someone that it's really a useless term - serves no purpose - and is in fact, just silly. However, this someone also has said that he's never heard that saying before until he heard it from me. (love you honey - but what planet were you living on?)

So - to all my peeps who are in touch with my emotion - let's have a moment shall we?

"I saw this skirt I really liked, but it had all these flowers on it and I didn't buy it". (translation- great skirt - but the flowers were too big and the wrong colour and kind of made the skirt look too 'busy' and wouldn't have gone with most of the tops in my closet, and I'd probably prefer a plain skirt to a printed one...) - case in point - "and stuff" just saved me like 40 words! loves it. let's try again:

"I took this class and the teacher was showing us how to tie knots and stuff". (translation: I signed up for sailing lessons and we had to spend the whole first day just learning how to tie different kind of knots - slip knots, reef knots, etc. and then we had to see who could do them the quickest and the winner got a prize and then we all had lunch). bravo! - another 40+ words saved.

So you see, "and stuff" can really become your friend if you just embrace it. Who doesn't need more time in their day? This little saying will surely get you on your way. And least I'm not a "whatnot" girl. HATE that phrase - "whatnot"'s just stupid and stuff. ;)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My First Blog, here goes...Lisa shall try to blog. I say 'try' because I'm not the most disciplined of individuals, and I feel that blogging requires dedication and a somewhat energetic thought process. A friend at work has a blog and I LOVE reading it. So I thought, hey, perhaps someone would like to read about me too? Maybe...maybe not - I may be the only one reading my blog, but I guess it's a way for me to share some of my thoughts and maybe teach even me something I didn't know about myself. (was that a grammatically correct sentence? I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to good grammar - of course I love my slang too, and will often use on this site, but you know..."I aint got none" just drives me nuts). anyway ... where was I ... oh right...blogging.

So, when someone says to you "'s it going" - do you ever give them a detailed history of your daily events - share with them what bothered you, enlightened you, confused you, or just plain made you smile (or cry?) NO - usually you say "yeah..good...'n you?" - So, here's a chance for me to expand on the "how am I today" and put it on paper so to speak, rather than giving a 10 minute answer to a question that was most likely rhetorical in the first place. I thought maybe I would post a question every so often for you to think about, something that I'm curious about, or something that I really would like an answer to! Hopefully you can give me some of your thoughts back, in the comments section. How's that sound? (no - that wasn't the question...) You learn about me - I learn about you. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Ok - there ya go - question # 1 - where the heckizzle did that saying come from!!?? Let the games begin!