Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good Day Sunshine

This past weekend was great. Friday night we took in a movie (Ratatouille believe it or not! and it was really really good!) Our trip to Paris last year made us love everything French – so we couldn’t resist. Saturday we went out for breakfast and then did some errands and shopping and picked up a lot of camping stuff that we needed. In the evening, my brother, his wife and their kids came over for dinner and I was able to spend some good quality time with my nieces who are adorable but a bit CRAZY! They’re 7 and 4 and they don’t ever get tired – EVER! I could not keep up with them. We looked at flower girl dresses and they showed me what they liked, didn’t like, etc. I told them that I loved them but the day of the wedding, they will have to be slightly medicated. (wink).

Sunday was a fun day too. We went to a barbeque at my aunt’s house and saw a lot of family. My brothers had the guitars going and everyone was singing old songs that my grandma and grandpa (on my dad’s side) used to sing. It brought back a lot of good memories. We were there celebrating a birthday for my uncle – but it turned into one big family celebration, as there are a LOT of August birthdays. A toast was made to Rich and I as well, on our engagement and kind words were shared about how wonderful everyone thinks Rich is. It was a great afternoon.

It’s been a wonderful summer. There have been some losses that we’ve gone through as a family, but many special times together too. We’re capping off the end of the summer with a camping trip to my all-time favourite provincial park! I’ve been going there since I was a baby, and haven’t been back in about 7 years. I can’t wait to get there and share my memories with Rich and show him all the special places I remember. We have a premium site right on the beach. It’s going to be great. If summer has to be over – this is way to end it. Hope you all have a safe and happy long weekend too!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rocky Mountain High….

I’m baaaack. It was hard to return, I have to say. If I could have stayed longer I certainly would have. Being in the mountains with the clear blue skies and fresh clean air made it quite difficult to come back to the smog and humidity here at home. I had an amazing trip and saw so much in the 10 days we were there.

We pretty much stuck to the plan outlined in my previous post so I won’t talk about every single stop. But what I will say is that my expectations were far exceeded by the beauty that surrounded me! The colour of the lakes, the Columbia Icefields, the chateaus and the mountains – my gosh - the mountains! Just spectacular. Robin and Claire – thanks so much to you both for showing me all the wonderful sites I got to see an also for setting up our own little chateau in your home for us before we left on our journey. I will remember it always.

Aside from the wonderful scenery and adventures through the mountains – I was also lucky enough to meet some wonderful people. While in Calgary, before leaving for the mountains – I was able to meet some of Rich’s cousins on his mom’s side and we had a wonderful dinner at his aunt’s house – it was really good to be with all of them.

Also, I was able to meet a lot of Claire’s family. On the last leg of our trip, we went to Edmonton to stay with Denis and Debbie (Claire’s brother and sister-in-law). As I said, I had never met them before, yet I was welcomed with open arms and felt so comfortable right away. Before I was even in their house, I was greeted in the driveway with big smiles and warm hugs. They are amazing people. Their daughter Nicole and her husband were there as well, and their son Joel – all of them were very kind and generous and it was just a great stay. Debbie – you are lovely and wonderful and you have a glow about you that is amazing. Rich and I actually said to each other that we think you are the “nicest person on earth that we’ve ever met”. Getting a hug before I went to sleep from you and Nicole was the best. It made me feel like I was at home with my own mom – which was a very comforting feeling. Thanks so much to you and Denis for your hospitality and warmth. I hope I get to visit you again in the future.

Oh – and in case you all are wondering – Rich and I were on the same team for the golf tournament – and guess what – we tied for first!! I think I missed my calling. (Here are just a few pics of our trip for your viewing pleasure).