Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wasn’ that a party?

Saturday was a day for celebration. It was my boyfriend’s big surprise b-day bash. This has been in the works since before Christmas. It’s been a little tough since I live with the guy; not many moments alone to co-ordinate and strategize with his family, but we pulled it together! (thank god for e-mail!)

Family and friends gathered together for a great day. It was the first time my family met his. It was fab – everyone loved everyone! Rich was totally surprised with the scope of people invited. We had all kinds of appetizers and a wonderful meal and lots of wine and beer. There was even a slideshow with pictures from him as a toddler to now set to music. We pulled out the big screen and projector and the poor guy turned white…but it was a really cool way to celebrate. His dad and stepmom couldn’t be there as they live in Calgary, but they were in a lot of the pictures so it was great, because it felt like they were with us in the room. A few jokes from his cousins, a poem from me (awww), stories from his mom, etc. It was a really fun, upbeat (and sometimes emotional) day.

So, here’s to you hun…hope you had a great birthday. (I know you hardly ever read my blog) but when you do, remember all the nice things I did for you and that my birthday is coming up really soon too k??!! ;) Love ya.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Ah yes….the ever popular hallmark holiday of Valentine’s Day will fall upon us tomorrow. The day to express your adoration for the one you love. This should only be done once a year on February 14th and at no other time. oy…

But I was thinking about the different types of “V-days” we could have so that nobody feels excluded and I’ve come up with a few…

“Vegan Day”…a day to express your adoration for all things animal by not eating, wearing, testing, or talking to them;

“Vagrant Day”…a day to express your adoration for all those who roam and wander by flashing a peace sign and slow head-nod while passing;

“Valley Girl Day”…a day to express your adoration for all things teenage in the San Fernando Valley by speaking with filler words of like and totally throughout your day; (I like totally love this one!)

“Vertigo Day”…a day to express your adoration for all things spinning by climbing up on a high cliff and celebrating your dizziness; (which leads me to my final one…)

“Victim’s Day”…a day to express your adoration for all those who fell victim to their vertigo and fell off the edge of the high cliff.

So you see….no need to worry about silly ‘ole Valentine’s Day…there’s way more exciting V-days you could be experiencing. Just maybe stay away from Vertigo Day…it doesn’t sound like it ends well.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Family Bouquet...

You know what's cool about life? It's the way when one new person comes into your life, they bring with them all the people in their life, and so on and so on. One day you could have 10 or 20 amazing people in your life - the next you can have 30 or 40 amazing people in your life. That's what's happened to me. My life got exponentially better!

I have a beautiful bouquet of family and friends who have shaped my life in so many ways. And since meeting Rich, I now have a lot more flowers in that bouquet! He also has a wonderful family and great friends. We often spend time with his mom and sister at their cottage up north...where you'll find us (well....mostly them...) playing foose-ball, or we'll get into Euchre tournaments...or trivial pursuit...all while enjoying copious amounts of wine...'hic! (it's no wonder I love them....) In the summer, their annual family golf tournament is a great time - and they're just really cool people who love spending time together. We may do a trip to Portugal with them this fall if time and $$ allows (donations accepted!) There are always lots of laughs when the mudda and the bruddas get together!

Rich's dad and stepmom live out west and they are amazing. We spent a week with them in France last summer and had a truly wonderful time. They are avid travellers and are about to embark on a trip to the Gallapagos Islands and Peru! They live life to the fullest and also enjoy copious amounts of wine...'hic! (no wonder I love them too!). Nights at the villa in France playing boche-ball with our Port wine...ahhhh....good times! We'll be out to see them this summer too.

And there are many more - the cousins - the aunts - the uncles - everyone knows the importance of family and friendship and that's what makes life so great. So, between Rich and I, I'd say we're pretty lucky people. I've increased the number of amazing people in my life just by meeting Rich. What could be better than that? You know what they say...."you can't choose your family". Well...I say "thank goodness" because I wouldn't want it any other way.