Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oh blog!

A good friend of mine said that she missed reading my blog, and thought "oh right! my blog!". As mentioned before, it's hard to keep up with all the new networking programs that are out there! But here I am!

My life lately has been full of big events. Some happy - some sad - some painful.

Let's start with the good stuff, shall we? I'm not sure if i posted about this already (and don't have time to look right now) but on March 11, my dear daddy turned 70 years old and we had a big party for him with just his family. It was a wonderful day - I sang him a song that I wrote for him - all of his family were here - and he looks great and nobody can believe he's 70 - he's a real looker if you ask me! and I'm sure everyone who knows my dad would agree! It was also my brother Rich's b-day this past friday - hope you had a great one bro- i tried to arrange a lunch for you - but you never got back to me - you mangey varmant! ;)

The other good stuff involves my dear friend Shannon, who got married this weekend! I was her bridesmaid (and she was one of mine), and it was a wonderful wedding full of happy times, lots of laughs, some tears (of joy) and i'm pretty sure it was the best day of her life! as it should be. She is now with her hubby (Toby) in Greece on their honeymoon, probably lying on a beach on an island eating feta cheese. that bitch. ha! i kid. i wish them all the happiness in the world.

My life in general is pretty wonderful and I never take one day for granted. Especially because another dear friend of mine just lost her father due to complications stemming from a surgery he went through. While recovering from surgery, he suffered a massive stroke; upon recovery from the stroke he caught pneumonia; the pneumonia led to heart failure. He was just too weak to fight. I went to the funeral on Monday and shed more tears (not of joy this time). Life is really crazy sometimes.

On top of all these things - about 3 weeks ago I strained all the muscles in my neck. I literally could not move my head for about 3 days, and was off work for a couple of days too. I now have movement back, but have been going to physiotherapy for treatments. My muscles and joints are really out of whack. I'm a lot more conscious of my posture now (never thought it was that bad) but I guess over the years things have built up and sitting at a computer for work doesn't help it much either. I will be undergoing an ergonomic assessment next week and I hope that gives me some relief. I'm sick of it hurting.

Let's throw in a sick husband over the past week - I seriously thought he had caught the H1N1 virus (aka swine flu). Too sick to even come to the wedding - was bed-ridden for 5 days - fever of 103 - and FINALLY (after my nagging maybe?) he went to a clinic but they told him it wasn't swine - just a really bad flu and they sent him home. I luckily (knock on wood) did not catch it from him and he is now on the mend and back to work.

Next week our sub-contractor comes to start on our kitchen reno - this is just phase one - but we've had to prepare for that by emptying all our cupboards and finding other spaces for things to go - not an easy task when I have a neck issue and Rich is still pretty weak. but we got thru it.

This weekend we are off to see our mothers to celebrate mother's day with them. looking forward to that and to spending time with my mommy!

That's all for now. I have lots of pictures posted on Facebook if you care to take a gander. Oh, and Sam - thanks for the reminder that I have a blog! feels good to write on here again. Later Peeps!