Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thanks 2008 - You Were Great!

Well - another festive season has come and gone full of visits with family and hustle and bustle of Christmas, and food and drinks and presents (and cold and wind and shovelling snow and rain storms and fog too!) It was a great time!

And last night I had a lovely dinner with my bestie Shan and we relaxed and talked and laughed and ate and drank....it was terrific! 2008 has been the most monumental year of my life! I married my one true love and shared so many fun times with family and friends, and have been gifted with a new little niece too! I have to say 2008 was definitely my year!

But the way it's looking, 2009 is going to give it some tough competition! We got our new sofa and a gorgeous ottoman to go with it (on which I saved $300!!) and bookshelves are being built as we speak. We should be getting a new TV in January and the "Den" (as we now call it) will finally be finished! It's going to be a great space and we can't wait to use it. Our new kitchen will get started after that! And I get to stand beside my best friend while she marries her one true love as well! I'm so excited and happy for her!

We've booked a trip to Mexico and to Phoenix! We are going back to New York City for our first anniversary and of course we have to fit in our annual camping trip to at Killbear Prov. Park - and then off to Calgary for Christmas '09 to spend with Robin & Claire and Claire's family!

To top it off, in a couple of days the hubby and I are hopping on a plane and heading for the sunny south! Cuba here we come! We got a great deal on an all-inclusive beachfront resort in Varadero and we can't wait to get there!! Lookout Beach - Here I Come!!

I hope all of you had a very happy holiday and I wish all the best to you and your family in 2009. I will post more when I'm back! Ola!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

It Happened...It really happened!

So guess what!? We finally received some great customer service!! I had little expectations when we bought our new sofa (remember the wrong address for delivery...??) - but 'lo and behold...they called when they said they would!! They delivered it when they said they would!! They set it up and took away the mess, just like they said they would!! And we even received a phone call about setting up an appt. to have the suede treated with a special protection!! I can't believe it finally happened! We had good service!! Needless to say, we will be taking our business back to them!

On another note.....I've come to realize that there are some people in this world who really don't appreciate anything that is important. They're constant complainers - have a sour look on their faces day in and day out - are impatient, spoiled, arrogant, lazy and think the world should revolve around them. To them I say.......Get A Life! You make it very hard for others around you to have a good day when you're constantly being a big old poopy pants! Give it a rest already and let the sunshine in for a change. (I'm not speaking about any of my relatives or friends by the way...so those of you reading this...you're all safe!) ;)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

It Doesn't End...

okay - i admit - last time i wrote about poor customer service i was a little heated. but now i feel i am totally justified. i have still yet to receive a call back from the tour operator from whom we booked our trip. that's right - it's two weeks later and nobody has attempted to contact me.

We managed to change our hotel - and it was only today that i finally got confirmation that it was done and at the right place. but OMG - it took me chasing down anyone who would answer their phone in the call centre (not even the proper call center!) to finally give me the confirmation i needed. (long story short - we switched hotels for our trip to cuba and the new invoice had the wrong hotel name - not a 'little' thing in my book) so i only wanted confirmation that the hotel we wanted was in fact the one we're staying at -- and supposedly it is! so that's good news.

And yesterday, Rich took the day off work for Rogers to come and hook up the new cable phone line that they're doing now - and guess what - no-one showed! nice eh? they "were very sorry for the mix up" and they sent someone out today, who upon arrival at our house told us he had to go because he didn't have the proper equipment and he'd be back in an hour. no problem - we love waiting around twiddling our thumbs on a saturday. what could be better? it just doesn't seem to end.

Today we bought a new sectional sofa for the room we're re-doing downstairs. We really like it and were happy with our purchase. it's being delivered on sunday. but not to us. After getting home and looking at the invoice - they wrote our address down wrong. aiy aiy aiy...(we corrected it) but c'mon people....how hard is it to provide good (i'm not even expecting great anymore) but just "good" service? is it really so hard? apparently it seems that way.

I'm waiting for the next trip to Mcdonalds. With my luck these days, they won't even bother to ask me if i want fries with that.