Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just the way I planned it!

We’re sitting with about 2 1/2 weeks to go and I think we have everything done! Rich picked up his wedding band yesterday; my dress is with my seamstress still – but that’s all under control; all my “stuff” is in boxes and ready to be taken to the venue on the Friday before to set up; things are looking good!

A lot of people throughout this process have commented on “how organized I am” and how “I’ve been planning every detail to a tee”. I think I've blogged about these comments in the past, as sometimes it bothered me the way it was said, but this is the very reason why I planned in advance. So that we could relax for the few weeks leading up to our wedding day.

Also, knowing that literally every-single-weekend in May is booked with us attending something or being out of town (as was much the same for the month of April), I wanted things done and out of the way so that May wouldn’t be too hard on us. And guess what. It worked out great! I knew I knew what I was doing. ;)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just some new fun pictures from the recent events

Wow...I wish I could get married all the time! (to the same guy of course). It really has been a lot of fun!! We're down to days now!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Rehearsal before the Rehearsal

Last night Rich and I went to meet with the officiant who will be marrying us. She’s a lovely woman who lives out in the country with her golden retriever and two cats. She has a beautiful garden in her backyard where she often performs small marriage ceremonies as well.

We met at her house where we were greeted by Morgan (her Goldie) and he plopped himself on the couch beside me and never left our sides!

We discussed the basics….who’s walking down the aisle with me – who is standing up with Rich – timing of the day – what Rich has to do, etc. It was pretty cool. She showed us how to stand and when to turn and what to say. At one point Rich and I were standing there looking into each other’s eyes and we were holding hands, and I started to laugh a bit because it was just a dreamlike moment for me knowing this is really happening – in fact – it’s happening in one month from today!

Rich was cute too, when we went thru’ the motions of the rings, he was told to place the ring on my finger and he kind of held my hand and paused and didn’t know what to do because my engagement ring was still on and…how does he get the ring on before it? (once I explained that I’d have my e-ring on the other hand it all made sense to him).

So, the rehearsal was good and we will in all likelihood forget everything she told us, but I know she’ll guide us thru’ the day and it’ll be great. Plus, when we go for our formal rehearsal and dinner with the wedding party, we know what to tell everyone and we’ll have a better picture of how the day will go. It was a pretty cool night!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Wedding Weekend

This past weekend we headed to Ohio for Rich’s cousin Jenn’s wedding. It was set in a beautiful state park (Burr Oak Resort) about an hour or so out of Columbus. We all had rooms at the lodge and it was on a hilltop overlooking a beautiful lake. The setting could not be more gorgeous for a wedding.

The drive there for us was a long one – 8 hours! We left on the Friday morning and (after a few pit stops along the way), arrived at the lodge around 5pm that same day. We were greeted by Rich’s family (some of whom came from South Carolina, Florida and even London, England!), and then went to one of their cabins for a good old country cook-out!

It was really relaxed and a lot of fun and we munched on burgers and dogs and then the bride-and-groom-to-be, and all their friends came and joined us in the cabin, accompanied with banjos and guitars and mandolins! It was a great night before the great day ahead.

Saturday morning we awoke to cloudy skies unfortunately, but the temperature was warm and after a yummy breakfast, we put on our boots and set out for a hike along one of the many trails at the lodge. The wedding ceremony didn’t start until 4:30, so it gave us time to enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

After lunch we went for a rest, then got ready for the wedding and joined everyone in a big room to await the bride and groom. As the music started, the sun appeared and lit up the room, which was a big A-frame style with a huge picture window overlooking the lake – this is where they stood for the ceremony and it was truly lovely!

The happy couple are very much “outdoor” people. In fact, their honeymoon is being spent hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail, and instead of an engagement ring, Andy proposed to Jenn with a kayak!

Even though our weekend was short (we left for home Sunday morning – with of course another pit-stop at the Prime Outlet mall in Pennsylvania!)…it was great to see Rich’s family and celebrate with everyone. There was one point during the night of the wedding when Rich and I shared a dance, and it was a surreal feeling knowing this would be us in a just a few more weeks!

Congratulations to Andy and Jenn – your wedding was great and we’re so happy we were there to celebrate with you.