Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Did everyone have a good Christmas and holiday? I sure did! Lots of fun, laughs, good eats (too much!) and drinks! Spent a lot of time with family and aside from a bit of driving - most of it was pretty relaxing. Have to say though....i'm kind of glad it's over and there's no pressure to do anything for awhile now. Santa was good to me...have some shiny new jewellery (no goalie pads - thank goodness!), a beautiful world globe on a wooden pedestal, perfume, clothes (from MEC too! love that store!) and a variety of gift cards that will be well used!

I have to say that 2006 was probably one of the best years I've had. In one year, I went to Florida, New York City, London England, Paris, Nice, Monaco, Provence....places I only dreamed of going. I developed new friendships at work, which is hugely important in the environment we work in, and can come into my job knowing I'm going to have some laughs and share a story or two. I moved in with my boyfriend and we've made his house a home and we're having so much fun together. I was the golf champion at his annual family golf tournament which has been occuring every year for the past 25+ years! But the most important thing is that my family is together and healthy and we have new adventures for 2007 already planned. Sometimes I have to pinch myself!

With Christmas and all the hooplah - a lot of focus is put on the gifts and people get so busy that the fact that it's also a time to spend with loved ones is sometimes lost in the shuffle. So even though I received some wonderful presents, the thing I'm most grateful for are the wonderful people in my life - my family, Rich, my friends...Spending time with my grandmother the past few days was awesome - she's going to be 90 in March and I don't get to see her often. Those are the best gifts!

Wow - who knew I was so mature!? Hope you were able to be with family and friends too! I will talk to you in the new year!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The joys and oy's of Christmas

I am Done! Donzo! Finito. Completo! Ne Plus Pas! My Christmas shopping that is. And it feels sooooooo good. My stresses seem to be easing up and now I'm in the celebratory frame of mind. Went to a couple of parties on the weekend. Saw lots of friends and family and had lots of 'good cheer' ('hic...) All that's left to do is bake some cookies for a cookie exchange I'm having at work with my BFAWs and then it's smooth sailing till good 'ol saint nick comes by, because as i'm sure you're all aware, I have been a VERY good girl this year!

On the topics of gifts, I'm a tad nervous 'cause Rich asked me last night if I would like a set of goalie pads so he could take shots on me in the driveway. He followed that up with "it will be our special time together". But that leads me to my next point which I hope will shed some light to some of my dear friends who just don't know me as well as they think they might.

As it's time for gift-giving and receiving, a few of my friends have asked "what do you think Rich will get you". In most cases - this is a normal question right? Thing is though...when it's asked of me, what they're really trying to say is "do you think he's getting you a ring for xmas?" I know this because the question has that "tone" and is usually followed by a *wink wink*. So, I'm taking this time to shed some light on the do's and dont's of Christmas Questions.

1. DON'T ask me (either directly or in a round-about way) if I think Rich will get me a ring.

2. For Birthdays, Valentine's Day, New Years Eve, Easter or any other 'occasion' - refer to # 1 above.

3. DO think about the after-effect of that question: "no - i didn't get a ring. guess he hates me. I'm a big loser".

4. DO know that i know you mean no harm, and I still love you.

When that day comes my friends - you will all know it. I will shout it from the rooftops! but right now - the only thing that will be coming from the rooftops are the sounds of reindeer paws....and of course, that's only if you've been good like lil 'ol' me! Have a very merry Christmas and don't let your egg nog! ha. I kill me.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My 'Rents Rock

Me luvs my mom and dad. You know how people say "I have the best parents in the world"? well...they're all liars because "I" have the best parents in the world! I gave a shout out to my friends the other day - so I thought it only fitting to do a brief mention of my mom and dad. They rock. They're awesome. Happily married for 46 years (and counting) and still madly in love and have tons of fun together. They're so young at heart and fit and enthusiastic, that I can hardly keep up with them.

I have two older brothers (who are amazing too and I will blog about them another time!) who would say the same thing. I have too many memories to write about on here - so I will just say that mom and dad - you provided me with the best possible childhood I could think of - you treated me with dignity and respect as I was growing up and in my teenage years - you guided me in the right direction and helped me with tough decisions and you always always stood by me no matter what I chose to do. And look...I turned out pretty good right?? (RIGHT!?) Well - I think so. So here's to you. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for the love and kindness and strength and structure you provided me. love you mom and dad!

(there....that should secure me a great xmas gift this year!). ;)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

" many of us have them....Friends.......ones we can depend on....let's be friends"....(do you remember that song!?)

I have friends. All different kinds. Some close by, some far away, some old, some new, some funny, some serious - but they are all my friends and all bring something different to my life. As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves taking that extra initiative to hook up with our pals that we might not see on a regular basis - or throw in that phone call that's long overdue, etc.

Saturday night, I had a 'christmas get-together' with my two closest friends in the world. They are sisters and we grew up together. We lived 3 houses apart from each other on the same street since we were toddlers and until we all left home as young adults (or older adults - as in my case - heh). Both of our parents still live in those same houses - 3 doors apart - and they are just as close as we girls are. Even though we don't really live that far apart from one another, we don't often have the chance to get together. Both of them have children, so it's harder to find the time on thier end. But when we do - it feels soooo good to sit down and talk and laugh and reminisce about old childhood memories and the fun we used to have - and also about the new things going on in our lives now. When I think of these two girls - I think of the true meaning of friendship. I know that no matter what I tell them, I won't be judged. And no matter what they share with me - they are not judged. If I'm up, down, sideways (which tends to happen time to time) - I know I can go to them for sound advice, or just an ear and that they will always lift me up when I'm down. It really feels good inside to know that these girls will forever be my best friends. They have been for the past 30 some odd years...and will continue to be. There are many things in my life I have yet to experience, and I'm so happy that they will be able to experience those things with me. So....Sarah and Sam....this one's for you. Love ya's.