Monday, April 23, 2007

The Mouse that Was – Part 2

I’m sad today. Yesterday was a gorgeous day – it was spent outside at our house doing yard-work, pulling out old growth, raking and preparing for the summer ahead. I like this kind of stuff and we have lots of things we want to do with the yard and garden this year, so it felt really productive to get the “cleaning up” part out of the way.

So, I told you how I saved mousey and let him go outside on our side patio right? Well…he didn’t go very far unfortunately. When I was sweeping up the debris from the patio and lifted the BBQ cover off the ground – there was poor mousey. Lying there. Lifeless. I was shocked at first. Then I felt sadness. He didn’t make it. It was either the dish soap that did him in, or the cold, or it’s even possible a cat got at him….but whatever it was – I feel responsible and horrible.

Lots of you won’t understand – but that’s just me. I thought I gave him a second chance. But instead he’s no longer here because I didn’t empty the dish water out of the sink. I think Rich is secretly happy…but he tried to make me feel better and said it wasn’t my fault.

Anyway – to mousey – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kill you. Bad mommy.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Mouse that Was…

We’ve had a mouse in the house for quite some time now. It doesn’t really bother me to be honest. It’s basically like a pet. When I get home from work I say “hi house...hi mouse”. And he’s soooooooooo cute. About a month ago, I was giving Rich a haircut, and I looked over and the mouse was perched on top of my garbage pail just staring at us. Maybe he needed a trim – not sure – but it was funny that he was upstairs in my dressing room. Sometimes I picture him sprawled out on our bed when we’re at work with the remote watching the tube….funny little mouse.

Granted, it means more cleaning and disinfecting on our part, but I feel better doing that than trying to kill it. I’s just trying to survive too right? We’ve tried the live/humane traps but they just don’t work., so I kind of just figured we’d leave it alone, and now that the weather is warmer, it’ll probably make its way back outside anyway. (and yes…I know there’s likely more than just ONE in the house…but I only ever see one – so I’m going with that).

However, I think things have to change, because every so often now, when Rich goes down to get some water, or to turn off the kitchen light (that I always seem to leave on) – there is a blood-curdling scream that seems to last about a whole minute long, to which I run downstairs because I think someone has come into the house and is attacking the love of my life with an axe or something….but no….it’s just the mouse…scurrying across the counter…running for cover because he too has been scared to death by the blood-curdling scream. So – Rich was going to try to find a better trap (humane one) in the States while he’s there. (he’s very patient with me…can you tell?)

But … no need! I solved the problem. Not intentionally, but I did. After washing up a few dishes the other night, I went upstairs to watch tv and had forgotten to empty the dishwater out of the sink. When I came down a couple hours later, I gasped as I saw something dark – a kind of shadow – in the dishwater, and it was moving!! It was my mousey!! he’d fallen in and was swimming for his life, and couldn’t get out cause the water was too deep and the sides of the sink too slippery…I felt so bad for it, but wasn’t about to stick my hand in there to grab him…so I grabbed a soup ladle and went in and scooped him up and kind of ‘tossed’ him over the other sink. The poor thing. He was soaked and shivering and in shock and wasn’t moving….he was just sitting there shaking so hard. I felt awful. Part of me wanted to wrap him up in a towel to help him get warm, but … I’m not actually a crazy person…so I let him calm down a bit…and he started to move. He turned around and looked at me and I swear…he kind of winked! Like to say “thanks man”. Anyway – I thought – here’s my chance to get him out of the house – the nice humane way – so he can be one with nature and I won’t have to hear Rich scream anymore and we can relax a bit with the “over-cleaning” we were having to do. So – I did just that. I scooted him into a tupperware dish and took him outside by the side of our house. And he looked back at me once – then kind of hopped away. I know mice don’t hop – but this one sort of did.

Now, I know there’s a chance he’s already made his way back in our house, cause really, I should have taken him down the street a bit or something – but I don’t think so. I think we had our time together, and now he’s moved on. Plus, having a near-death experience is sure to taint his wanting to return. But I still think about him and I’m still happy I was able to save his life.

So – to the mouse that was…Be strong little buddy. It was nice while it lasted. I’ll miss ya. luv…..mommy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I’m a little “Blah” …

I’m neither here nor there this week it seems. You know? Just kind of “ehh". Even this blog post is kind of blah. But…I haven’t written for awhile, so thought I might as well bring y’all down with me. (I kid).

I’m sure part of it is the weather. It hasn’t been very springy around here. And part of it is my guy’s away golfing in sunny Arizona for the week, so the house is really quiet, and part of it is my grammy-grams (grandmother) – she fell and has to have surgery. She’s 90, so it’s a little risky and I worry about her. My grams lived with me for 5 years before I moved in with Rich, so I feel a special bond with her. I’m sure she’ll be fine – she’s a tough cookie. But maybe that’s what has me kind of bummed out this week.

However, tonight I’m having some girlfriends over and we’re going to watch trash tv, and order Chinese food and gab. I’m looking forward to that. These are two special friends that I was in Theatre with when we were younger and we always have a lot of laughs whenever we’re together. And on Friday I’m going to see a friend of mine’s show - he has the lead in Macbeth and he’s a great actor, so that’s also something to look forward to. And…of course….my Richie-poo (sorry babe) will be home on Saturday and that makes me verrrrrrrrrrrry happy!

So, maybe by the end of the week my blah-ness will have turned into light, laughter and funness! (I know that’s not a word) ….and I’ll be back to my old self again. Here’s hopin’. (Sorry for the boring post – but I told you so).

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One or Two – What to do?

So, we’ve made a decision. We think we’re ready. We’ve talked long and hard about it. We’re adopting!! A cat that is. We said to ourselves that we only want ONE. One little cat that needs a home. I’ve never been a cat-owner. It will be new to me. Growing up, I’ve only had dogs as pets. The dilemma is that with both of us working all day, part of me thinks having two cats would be best. Company for each other, you know? But on the flip side, having two means double the food, double the litter, double the vet bills, double the boarding costs, and double the hair on the couch!

Everyone who owns a cat keeps telling us “having two is no more expensive than having one”. I just don’t get that though. Of course it’s more expensive – it’s double! They both eat, they both poop, they both need annual veterinary care, and they both need to be cared for while we’re on holidays. I think leaving them in the house for a weekend would be fine, but if we’re gone for longer than that, a boarding facility is our choice of day-care.

So – what to do? Do cats get depressed if they’re the only animal in the house and alone during the day? I want a cat who loves human contact and will purr and cuddle, etc. – but at the same time - I thought that was the beauty about having a cat as opposed to a dog – they’re more “independent” and can stay indoors and be happy on their own until we get home….but now I’m not so sure.

What to do, what to do…do we get one or do we get two?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Some things you may not know about me:

  • I lived in the same house for about 28 years. (yes, it took me awhile to leave the nest);
  • I had a favourite pillow when I was little that I named “Pillowipsle” – it was small and velvety and baby blue;
  • I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years, and later became a coach;
  • I play the guitar and write songs;
  • I used to lock my best friend in my room so that she’d play with me longer (no idea why she was always trying to get home...??);
  • I was “Pinky Tuscadero” at Halloween for about 5 years in a row. Had the pink satin jacket and everything; I used to make my friend Jason be Fonzie. (good ‘ol Happy Days);
  • I was “Sandy” from Grease (at the end when she got cool) at Halloween for another 5 years in a row. Had the black spandex tights and everything; Jason then became Danny;
  • I can’t sleep with socks on;
  • I crack my knuckles;
  • I get car sick if I'm in the back seat on long rides;
  • I will not drive on the highway where there are express/collector lane merges;
  • I performed in live theatre productions in my teens;
  • I’ve been known to start doing cartwheels when I’ve had a little too much to drink;
  • I’m a licensed hairstylist;
  • I used to be a veterinary assistant;
  • I vacationed in London, Paris, Monaco, Nice and Cannes last year;
  • I know the complete lyrics for “Rappers Delight”;
  • I never take my loved-ones for granted. Ever. Life is too short.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I’ve been Tagged!

I don’t particularly like the game of Tag. Too much pressure, and you always look like a bit of a fool running around with your arm stretched out hoping to touch just a piece of someone’s shirt so you can yell “YOU’RE IT!!”. What fun. However, I am not one to break the rules, so … since Miss Laural (her link is on the right) tagged me, I am it, and I shall oblige. I am told to answer these five questions…so here it goes (and I’ll forego the rhyming on this one):

1. Blog Name:
“To know me is to love me – I think”. Well….to know me IS to love me. At least most of the time. I do have my moments in which I’m sure people may not feel the love, but for the most part, I’m a pretty kooky, good-hearted, curious, empathetic, funny, quirky, lovable gal! So – I think if you get to know me, you’ll love me too! Or not. But “I Suck” isn’t really a great blog name, so there.

2. Dog or Cat Person? -
My preference for a pet – definitely a dog. My circumstances for a pet – definitely a cat. I grew up having a dog as a pet…love them…love their little faces…love the expression in their eyes….love that they can ‘talk’ (bark) and play and get excited to see you and wiggle their little bums, and that they are a part of the family. I’ve never owned a cat – however – just this past weekend Rich and I ventured out to a wildlife sanctuary where the owner has rescued about 300 cats and they are up for adoption. Why a cat if I’m a dog-lover? Just suits our lifestyle better. Plus…I can teach my cat to wiggle its bum.

3. Brad Pitt or George Clooney? decisions decisions….unlike Laural who “isn’t even 30 yet!” (thanks shugs)…..since I’m an old hag, I guess I’ll go with Brad.

4. Major in College?
I have two different college diplomas….one in the animal care field, the other in legal administration. I find they both go hand in hand some days (to all my colleagues reading…I mean that in the nicest way). ;)

5. Biggest Fear? Spiders…big, small, I’m scared of them all. Oh, and driving on major highways! oh, and Spiders. Did I mention spiders?

That’s all folks……