Monday, March 08, 2010

Feel the Love!

This past Friday was my birthday! When I woke up that morning – I knew it was a special day – but it didn’t feel overly different from any other day. That quickly changed. Before I was even out of bed, my lovely husband leaned over, kissed my forehead and wished me a happy birthday. He told me I was the best wife ever and how much he loved me and how beautiful I was! Wow – that’s a pretty nice way to wake up!

Within 20 minutes of getting out of bed, I had a text message from my brother Cory wishing me the best day and telling me I’m the best sister in the world and how much he loves me! Again – pretty sweet.

As the day progressed and I got on the train for my commute to work…texts on my cell were filtering in. More birthday wishes from friends – even ones I have not talked to in a long time – wishing me a happy day and letting me know they care. It just felt so nice!

Once at work – I don’t think 10 minutes passed before my phone was ringing – my in-laws from Calgary SINGING me “Happy Birthday!” It was so endearing. In came by boss, walking down the hall – big gift bag in hand – “Happy Birthday Lisa” she said, with a big smile on her face!

I know I’m not 12, but this was a super fun exciting day and it wasn’t even 10:00 am yet! I even heard from my friend Pam, who I haven’t spoken to since my wedding (not for lack of trying!) – she called me at work that morning to wish me a great day! Later on, when logging onto facebook, I was overwhelmed with over 30 messages to me all wishing me a happy day and letting me know how much I am loved.

That evening we went to dinner with my brothers and sisters-in law, and my two nieces, to a really fun authentic Mexican restaurant. Even there it was a blast because the waitresses came in singing to me, clapping, and gave me a huge sombrero to wear and brought this Massive dessert for the whole table to share! At home later that night, I got to speak to my parents (they are in Florida) and it was the perfect way to end a perfect day.

I know birthdays come and go, but this one just felt extra special for some reason. Friends and family really reached out to let me know how much they love me and there’s no better feeling than that in the world. Thanks everyone. You really made my day a beautiful one!

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